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Benefits of Radio Promotion & Hiring A Professional Company

Radio promotion is an extremely important aspect of building your musical career. It is the quickest method in which to reach a large listening audience - that depending on the format and promotional campaign can be anywhere from 10,000 listeners to several million. We have provided a list of seven major reasons on the benefits of radio promotion and hiring a professional promotion company.

1. Established Relationships - We have already established the Music Media Network name and have developed relationships with key music directors in every market in Canada, USA and Europe, ensuring that our telephone calls are accepted and returned and that your CD is heard.

2. Professional Representation - Many music directors prefer not to speak with the artist, they prefer to speak with professionals who understand how they operate and the parameters in which music is added to their playlists. Our experience and relationships provide you with the professional representation needed to provide you the strongest opportunity for radio airplay across Canada, USA and Europe.

3. Direct Contact with Music Directors Weekly - Each music director has a specific time during the week in which professional radio promoters can call to find out about the record(s) they are promoting. The times vary from early in the A.M. hours to the mid-evening P.M. hours. We keep an updated database of which Music Directors take calls at which times - this information allows us to make direct contact via telephone with each Music Director on a weekly basis - making sure your CD is consistently promoted and each Music Director kept up-to-date on other stations and charts that your CD is on. All of this information is extremely important in trying to chart or gain your CD airplay as Music Directors are encouraged to increase the number of plays your CD receives based on the reaction from other radio stations and their listeners.

4. Experience & Knowledge - After almost 12 years of promoting independent and established artists to radio (including Celine Dion, EMI, Warner/Chappell, and many more) - we've been able to not only develop strong relationships with Music Directors, but also gain an insight into placing your music that only comes from 12 years of promotion experience. It is through our years of working with radio in all formats, that we are able to quickly determine and execute radio promotion campaigns that are designed to generate the maximum amount of radio airplay for your music.

5. Radio Promotion is a Full-Time Job - The job of promoting a CD may seem to be straight forward - send the CD in and call the stations to find out if it is being played. This first glance is only a portion of what goes into getting your CD on the radio. As each Music Director only takes calls from promoters at a specific time each week - it is our job to know when that time is, what types of music their station plays, what charts they compile, who they submit their weekly charts to, and what the response is from their listeners to your CD. It takes time to compile this information and keep our databases as current as possible. Once this information is gathered the job is just getting started. Due to the narrow window that each Music Director allots for promoters to call, it may take 1-15 attempts every week just to make contact. Multiply this by 50 - 200 stations and we're placing anywhere from 50 - 3000 calling attempts per week. The primary reason for weekly contact is to keep your CD in the minds of the Music Directors and thus the deejays, as each radio station receives anywhere from 50 - 300+ CDs weekly, and by not calling every single week, your CD may get "lost in the shuffle" and not get the attention it deserves. Music Media Network ensures it receives the proper attention it deserves. One of our strengths is our tenacity - if it takes us 30 attempts to make contact with each radio station, then we do - every week!

6. Radio is still the number one medium used - Radio is your best way to reach thousands of listeners quickly & consistently. All of the major record labels and even smaller labels still count on radio to be their main source for breaking new artists, creating awareness and driving CD sales. Targeting 50 - 300 stations ensures that your music will be heard by thousands to hundreds of thousands of people every day or week for 8 - 16 weeks or longer. This type of consistent airplay is extremely valuable in breaking your music, developing new fans and driving CD sales.

7. Music Media Network can place your music on European radio - With an estimated population of 400 million people in Western Europe, European radio provides an excellent outlet for your music to be heard abroad, and an opportunity to develop a new audience and possible career outside of North America. After 5 years of working with European radio, Music Media Network has the contacts, relationships and experience to place your music on the top jazz stations and programs across Western Europe - U.K., France, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, and many others. Contact us about breaking your music in Western Europe @ 1-888-746-7234

The seven benefits listed above are the main reasons to hire professional radio promoters and specifically Music Media Network, when it comes time for you to begin marketing your music to radio. You are hiring a company that has a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge from which to draw from. And any good promoter is open to advising their artists about planning a marketing campaign - when and where to start trying to find distributors, how to plan and execute media campaigns to magazine and newspapers. Suggestions on additional outlets to market your music and other important career planning topics. We at Music Media Network not only provide high caliber radio promotion and advice, but also provide a means to distribute and sell your music online worldwide through Music Media Network - via credit card and worldwide Toll Free and fax ordering. Anyone, anywhere at anytime, can order your CD from us - thus giving you access to fans & distribution globally.

We offer one of the highest quality services available today. Our artists consistently return to hire us again and again. Our results are consistently excellent. On average, we can generate airplay on at least 75% - 95% off radio stations that your CD is sent to.

Our successes include national charts with various independent artists and label artists - Warner Chappell Music Publishing, Celine Dion, EMI artists, Radioland/Verve, Brian Hughes, Maestro-Fresh Wes, Blush, Shades of Culture, Bobby Cameron, Vivienne Williams, Pat Labarbera and many more independent & established artists and groups.


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