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Music Media Network covers all Canadian commercial format radio stations.

Commerical radio provides you with the largest and most consistent airplay needed to get your record heard and remembered. The most significant difference with commercial radio, opposed to college is that only 1 song at a time is promoted. The goal is to get your "single" song placed into a set number of plays per day (spins). Generating consistent airplay (i.e. 20 spins per week) will help gain stronger recognition for your band and music.   With enough commercial airplay you are able to chart both locally and nationally - the national charts include: Canadian Music Network . With national airplay your music may turn into a hit "single".

Weekly Promotion & Marketing to each stations's Music Director. We're in contact via phone each week with each Music Director to ensure that your CD has arrived and to get them to bring it into their weekly music meetings.


we use DMDS to digitally service Commercial Radio in Canada.
DMDS delivers broadcast quality music tracks, together with related promo materials, directly to media outlets.
DMDS brings into the 21st century, the process of music delivery to radio, making it possible to effectively manage distribution simultaneously servicing major and secondary market stations with the same level of priority and efficiency.

DMDS makes it possible for radio station music directors to quickly and easily preview and manage new releases online anywhere - in the office, at home or traveling - before deciding to download them to station hard drives. Just as e-mail largely eliminated the need for physical delivery of printed documents through digital distribution, DMDS does the same for radio promotion. It is the way of the future.

Music Media Network promotes to all commercial secondary & major market formats in Canada.



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