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Radio promotion is an extremely important aspect of building your musical career. It is the quickest method in which to reach a large listening audience - that depending on the format and promotional campaign can be anywhere from 10,000 listeners to several million.

Working music to radio is a time consuming project. Few new bands/artists realize how much dedication and work it takes to get a song on radio. The general assumption is, once in the hands of the Music Director it will automatically be added to the playlist. Unfortunately, that's only the beginning of the long ride to regular rotation.

The burden of pursuing airplay can be alleviated by hiring a professional, independent record promoter. A professional promoter, through established relationships, can encourage Music Directors to listen to your song and take into their weekly music meeting, to consider for regular rotation.

Music Media Network began promoting to radio in late 1989 after 7 years of working with various record companies across Canada including Warner/Chappell Music Publishing.

We offer you cost-effective and efficient marketing & promotion throughout Canada, USA and Europe.

Our successes include national charts with various indepedent artists and label
artists - Warner Chappell Music Publishing, Sony/BMG South Africa, Petrol Records, Modern Music, Hootie & The Blowfish, Shawn Mullins, Karl Wolf, Celine Dion, Shades of Culture, Bobby Cameron, Mike Sheilds, Vivienne Williams, Rheostatics and many more  independent artists and groups.

Music Media is the only company in North America that has established relationships with key radio outlets across Europe. Our reputation and relationships provide you with the opportunity to promote your record to millions of listeners across U.K., France, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria and many more.


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