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As an emerging band/artist, you will find yourself needing the right promotional tools to help deliver information, create excitement, interest and plant your name and image in the people's mind.Utilizing publicity materials will help entice people to your gigs where you can sell your Cd's, cassettes and records and build a fan base.
The basic raw materials you will need are a supply of letterhead stationary and envelopes, B&W photos of your band, bios, flyers, posters, and postcards.

Letterhead will establish your band as a business entity. It makes all your interaction with the media, record labels and radio stations look more professional.(It lets people know that you are serious about what you are doing) When trying to create a logo/letterhead, think of past logos/letterhead that have caught your eye because that is exactly what you are trying to accomplish; something that will catch the reader's eye and imprint that image/logo in their mind. This logo/letterhead will be used on all of your promotional materials from now on, so make sure you like it.

The standard promo pack will include a 8'x10' black and white glossy photograph of the band/artist. This will be the first visual impression your band will make. Again be sure that you take the time to locate a professional photographer who will use his experience to create and capture the image you are trying to portray; DO NOT let your friend convince you that their point-and-shoot will do just as well, it won't!

If you have a photograph of your CD cover make sure you to include it in your promo pack.Anytime you read a magazine or newspaper that has a CD cover shot, it was provided by the band/artist. They will not take a photo of your cd cover themselves, it must be provided.

What you should look for in a quality band/artist photo is a solid back drop that will reproduce well in any medium of print. Keep the band close together opposed to spread across a street, it will look alot more professional and will reduce well in size to suit the needs of the user.

A bio is one of the most important of all your promotional materials. It is used by the media to help write reviews, about upcoming gigs, and interest the reader.
Your bio should be to the point. Avoid any hype about your band, just include the facts: what type of music, the instrumentation, experience (Gigs, CDs, how long the band has been together and performing/recording).Also, if you have had any favourable reviews, include several key quotes to highlight the band.

When you write about your music be as specific as possible, do not state that your band is "unique" or "we don't like to label our music". Being foggy might leave the reader with the impression that you don't know or care. If you really cannot define the genre ask some friends.

Here is where your band/artist logo is going to become the visual for your music. Create flyers that can be put up a couple weeks prior to any shows you may have coming up. Flyers contain your logo, all relevant information about the show and price of admission. Utilize your flyers by placing them in highly visual areas around the club you'll be playing.

Stickers....They are a great way of promoting your band by using your logo and making it "stick". If you can create an eye catching logo it is going to go along way. Hand them out at gigs, to friends, and of coarse an old favourite, on public transit systems (Yes, it is not exactly legal but it is effective....think of how many people will see your sticker during the coarse of the day!)
Stickers last along time and can be placed on almost anything and most of all people like a cool sticker.

Written By: Jesse King



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